Whoever had found his way to the tavern’s block
Would have to be insane if on another door knock
Fate never crowned any with drunkenness, except
The one who considered this the highest luck.
Whoever finds his way into the tavern
From the bounty of the wine, temple’s secrets unlock.
He who read the secrets of this wine,
Found the secrets in the dust upon which we walk.
Only seek the obedience of the insane
In our creed, logic and sanity we mock.
My heart asked not for longevity of beauty
Because sadly this is the way of the clock.
From the pain of the fading morning star at dawn
I cried so much that I saw the moon, though Venus my eyes struck.
Who talks about the story of Hafiz and his cup?
Why would the king know where the policemen flock?
Praise the King who considers the nine heavens
A mere crevice in His courtly block.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
April 2, 1999

به کوی میکده هر سالکی که ره دانست
دری دگر زدن اندیشه تبـه دانـسـت
زمانـه افـسر رندی نداد جز به کسی
کـه سرفرازی عالم در این کله دانسـت
بر آستانـه میخانه هر که یافـت رهی
ز فیض جام می اسرار خانقه دانـسـت
هر آن که راز دو عالم ز خـط ساغر خواند
رموز جام جم از نقش خاک ره دانسـت
ورای طاعـت دیوانـگان ز ما مطـلـب
کـه شیخ مذهب ما عاقلی گنه دانست
دلم ز نرگس ساقی امان نخواست به جان
چرا که شیوه آن ترک دل سیه دانسـت
ز جور کوکب طالع سحرگهان چشـمـم
چنان گریست که ناهید دید و مه دانست
حدیث حافـظ و ساغر که می‌زند پنـهان
چه جای محتسب و شحنه پادشه دانست
بلندمرتـبـه شاهی که نه رواق سپهر
نـمونـه‌ای ز خـم طاق بارگه دانست
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