Whoever was intimate with his heart, his love defined
And he who was not, in his doubt was left behind.
If my heart went through the veil, then fault me not
I thank God that it did not remain within the veil of mind.
The Sufis took back their gown from the wine
It was our gown, forever to the tavern was assigned.
Drunken Dervishes passed by, and it passed by
Our drunken tales the hands of time defied.
Each cup that was filled by that lovely hand
Transmuted into tears, our jealous eyes mystified.
My heart from the first, unto this last, is in love
I know of none, who in this love, forever remained blind.
I was lovesick. Though your eyes bloomed as flowers,
Your loveliness remains veiled, this is unkind.
Found nothing more joyful than the sound of words of love
In this turning Merry-Go-Round that You rewind.
My robe covered at least hundred faults that I could find
I pawned my robe to wine, and what remained, my bare hind.
Master painter was helpless in awe of your beauty
Everywhere upon the walls is what in awe he had designed.
To view His face, Hafiz, his heart refined
For this to come to pass, always will remain in bind.

Shahriar Shahriari
Los Angeles, Ca
April 8, 1999

هر کـه شد محرم دل در حرم یار بـماند
وان کـه این کار ندانست در انکار بـماند
اگر از پرده برون شد دل من عیب مکـن
شـکر ایزد کـه نه در پرده پندار بـماند
صوفیان واستدند از گرو می همه رخـت
دلـق ما بود که در خانه خـمار بـماند
محتسب شیخ شد و فسق خود از یاد ببرد
قصـه ماسـت که در هر سر بازار بماند
هر می لعل کز آن دست بلورین سـتدیم
آب حسرت شد و در چشم گهربار بـماند
جز دل من کز ازل تا به ابد عاشق رفـت
جاودان کـس نشنیدیم که در کار بـماند
گشت بیمار که چون چشم تو گردد نرگس
شیوه تو نشدش حاصـل و بیمار بـماند
از صدای سخن عشـق ندیدم خوشـتر
یادگاری کـه در این گنـبد دوار بـماند
داشتـم دلقی و صد عیب مرا می‌پوشید
خرقـه رهن می و مطرب شد و زنار بماند
بر جمال تو چـنان صورت چین حیران شد
کـه حدیثش همه جا در در و دیوار بماند
بـه تماشاگـه زلفـش دل حافظ روزی
شد کـه بازآید و جاوید گرفـتار بـماند

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